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Great food, fast delivery, great service. Would recommend

Claire, 22 Feb 2021


Giz, 14 Feb 2021

After 1 hrs 30mins the food still hasn't arrive. I have called 3 times and been told its just left for delivery every time I called. I understand you maybe busy but this is really poor service

Romy, 14 Feb 2021

Ismael, 10 Feb 2021

Love your food

Liza, 09 Feb 2021

I love your food

Liza, 09 Feb 2021

Been waiting for food for over a hour and no calls no anser says food is deliverd what r you lot playing at contact me

K, 25 Jan 2021

Hi, I just made an order nearly 2 hours ago and we still haven’t received our food and have had no contact from the restaurant. Please deliver the food ASAP and contact us ASAP! NUMBER: 07388153881

Benny, 24 Jan 2021

Contact us ASAP please!

Benny, 24 Jan 2021

We’ve been waiting for over an hour and a half for our food, and we’ve had zero communication from the restaurant. It’s absolutely abysmal!!!

Benny, 24 Jan 2021


Rameez, 21 Jan 2021

Very good food and service

Garinna Machado, 20 Jan 2021

Really tasty food

Jitesh Nagar, 09 Jan 2021

slow on collection food was not ready but sorted quickly and food was good

Chris, 08 Jan 2021

We are missing 1 chips

Godlove, 08 Jan 2021


Jomon, 02 Jan 2021

I’m new customer can’t comment.

Mehdi Mohseni, 23 Dec 2020

The staff was very rude and professional. I just bought because I like he food but the service was terrible . He even told me to ardent fast ,because he is busy . Upon delivery I tried to ask why the price was more than that on the flyer , the driver walked away and told me he doesn’t deal with prices.

Rosemary Muchenje, 23 Dec 2020

2 hours 40 mins ro deliver in which time theynkied on the phone twice about how far away they were. Missing oart of order Will be wanting a full refund as ordered food elsewhere as they took so long.

Paul, 23 Dec 2020

Great staff well looked after

Sami, 22 Dec 2020

Need to improve on service speed. The 60minute timer on the website will run down to 0 minute and I'm still waiting 30-45mins. Other than that can't complain lads!

A B, 21 Dec 2020

Bring back card payment please????

Noname, 19 Dec 2020


Adil, 19 Dec 2020


Indiah, 09 Dec 2020

amazing food, arrived hot, alright delivery

Dom, 08 Dec 2020

great service would definitely order again x

Liz, 08 Dec 2020